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Health & Safety Policy

Hussey Removals maintain a policy to promote health and safety at work and to encourage the full co-operation of all employees for that purpose.

The company will provide working conditions which comply with the relevant statutory requirements and officially approved codes of practice designed to ensure good standards of health and safety.

Although the company operates in an industry that is of low risk, injuries and illnesses can happen in any environment and it is the Management’s objective to reduce the incidence of these to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing, the best experience in other similar organisations.

These are typical hazards to illustrate the point, however, there are also numerous others. Always think safety first. All accidents MUST be reported and logged in the Accident Book, and damage to property, clothing or equipment must be reported. Work must always be carried out safely and efficiently in accordance with Company procedures. If you have any queries or suggestions that you would like to put forward, please notify Ian Hussey.

Responsibility Structure

Employer will be responsible for implementing and/or delegating Company Health and Safety Policy to all employees under their responsibility by:

  • Making sure that employees are aware of and carry out their Health and Safety duties and make regular checks to ensure they understand and are following the right operating instructions and systems of work.
  • Ensure that employees (especially new to their job) are aware of and understand any hazards they might face.
  • Encourage employee interest in Health and Safety matters and see that procedures are understood through regular employee feedback.
  • Make sure that employees under their control receive information relating to Health and Safety at work.

All Employees should consider their own health and safety and that of other employees along with members of the public. They must:

  • Be aware of their legal responsibilities for fire precautions and health and safety at work and co-operate fully with the Company in maintaining standards.
  • Not interfere with or misuse any fire and health and safety equipment provided.
  • Wear or use protective clothing/equipment if required to do so by the company or by law.
  • Report to their supervisor or manager if they have stomach disorder, skin, nose or throat disease, which may be contagious or infectious or if they know they have been in contact anyone suffering from food borne disease.
  • Report or put right any unsafe working conditions, equipment or practices.
  • Be clean and hygienic.
  • Attend training sessions and follow procedures.
  • Ensure that correct lifting techniques are used at all times.

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