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Things you need to know when moving house with us:

packing our removal truck

Estimates and quotes- you can get a house removal estimate online by filling in a quote form an estimate will be emailed to you within one day. This online quote is a good guideline of your removal cost, although for most removal jobs we also do a site visit to inspect your furniture for any problematic items and to look at the access to your property for our removal lorry. You can book a site visit when you have a firm removal date. A written quote will be given within one day of the site visit.

We care about your possesions and you are automatically accept a limited liability for anything moved. This means thay we will pay you up to £50 for each item lost damaged or stolen. We will accept standard liability extended of up to £40,000 per vehicle if you provide value of your goods and pay a 5% surcharge. If your require us to take more than £40,000 liability per vehicle then a quote can be provided. If you already have home and contents insurance speak to your insurance provider as they often provide free cover for your possessions when you are moving.

Packaging - we can provide all the packaging materials needed for every removal job we do, heavy duty double wall boxes, packing paper and tape.

Packaging will be provided when you book your removal and pay a deposit to reserve your date. A professional packing and unpacking service is available if you wish at an additional cost, this may be carried out on your removal day or prior to your removal depending on the size of your move.

we dismantle furniture like beds

Additional services - on occasions your furniture will not fit into your new property or out of your old property meaning that it will have to be dismantled and rebuild. We can help you with this but we will charge as it adds time to your removal. A member of staff will advise you if we need to do this on the day of your move or during the estimate. Your other option is to put the offending item in your garage and do it yourself at a later date or ignore our advise and force the item in which could result in damage. You will be charged the following:

Moving additional items - when we carry out a site survey we can provide you with a quote to move a list of items. Should you require use to move additional items that are not on the list then here are the prices that we will charge on a standard local move so long as we have the capacity to do so on our vehicle. If we need to use an extra vehicle then you will be charged more. These items are often items that the client had planned to move themselves, sell or take to the dump.

Delays - moving can be very problematic and delays with key release are common. If we are delayed and cannot unload our vehicle after 2pm then you will be charged £24 per employee per hour on your removal until the keys are released and we can unload. If you have booked an hourly rate move then you will pay the full hourly rate for any time that we wait.

Storage - we can provide a range of storage options to suit everyones needs. We will recommend one depending on your requirements and your budget. The cost of storage is payable on a monthly basis read more here liability will be accepted on containerised storage but is not provided on storage provided by any 3rd party provider.

Rubbish removal - we can offer house clearances and unwanted furniture removal. We have a waste carriers licence which allows us to collect and redistribute unwanted items. We do this by reusing or upcycling and reselling furniture wherever possible, recycling and last of all tipping your unwanted items. Due to the high costs involved in disposing of your unwanted items there is a minimum fee of £150(£125+vat) for any clearence.